SHOOTing video with form mount phone

As noted in the video, smart phone cameras do not have the stabilization technology found in GoPros, thus cannot shoot motion video with equal clarity. Some of the newer models do have in-body stabilization, which uses a gyroscope to stabilize the camera sensor itself. That said, phone cameras are becoming more and more advanced with each new release and eventually the technology will catch up. Until then, there are work-arounds, a few of which we’ve listed below. We shot the action footage in this video using an iPhoneX and tips 1 & 2. Results will vary based on phone model/brand.


1). Placing a light-strength neodymium magnet on the phone directly behind the lens will help stabilize the camera’s lens (We used double stick VHB tape). There is a detailed YouTube video here.

2). Many newer smart phone cameras have manual settings based on the type of shooting you want to do. See your specific model’s user guide for details.

3). MoviePro and Filmic Pro are just a few of the apps that offer advanced features to that of phone’s built-in camera apps.

4) Emulsio is a powerful video stabilization app. for clips you’ve already filmed. According to Techradar, it’s as professional a tool as you’re likely to need for getting rid of shaky shots on iOS. It as also received excellent user reviews.

mike scalise