Will your phone mount magnets interfere with GPS and other phone functions?

No, they are 100% safe for your phone. Neodymium magnets are widely used within electronic devices and do not interfere with phone reception or any other phone functions. Apple iPhone and Android devices use NAND flash memory, which is immune to magnets.


What kind of phone case should I use?

Phone case surface should plastic or metal without texture. A hard smooth surface is needed for maximum case plate bonding. Click here for additional phone case compatibility, video and instructions.


Does FormMount fit my stem? 

YES - if it is a 4 bolt stem face with forward facing M5 bolts (the most common bolt size with heads visible looking at the front of the bike). Note, it is best they are parallel to the stem as that puts the FormMount in line with the stem angle


Do you have a FormMount with a tilt function ? 

Not yet, however it is in the works. 


How do I assemble FormMount on my bike? 

Click here to view our tutorial videos. You can also download an instruction sheet. 


Do you have a tool that can assist install ? 

Yes, BridgeTool - it also functions as a stabilizer for heavy loads


What type of cameras and lights fit your platform ? 

Those with a standard sandwich style mount, such as found on a GoPro. Note some lights sell adapters for their products to make them sandwich mount compatible. 


Does FormMount fit bolts that are reversed (bolts insert from the stem side, vs the stem face side)? 

Not at this time. 


When do I want to order short arms? 

If you have a small computer. Typically anything equal to or smaller than a Wahoo Bolt is a great fit with short arms. Long arms (which come standard) fit everything up to and including the Wahoo Elmnt and the Garmin 1000. 


Can I contact the people at F3 on email? 

Yes! just send an email to info@F3Cycling.com 


Do I need a torque wrench to install FormMount? 

Yes, or a qualified bike shop can do the install. Torque wrenches are available all over the internet and your local bike shop. 


Do you ship internationally

Yes! $15 flat fee via USPS.


Do you ship international and what about custom charges? 

Yes, but we have no control over VAT, customs fees and identify the proper weights and costs of our goods.