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A mount like no other. FormMount™ is a modular mounting system for GPS computers, phones, cameras and lights. The marvel of FormMount’s direct stem integration is adjustable arms that give the ability to fit virtually any 4 bolt stem in 5 different mounting positions. The arms also have fore/aft settings to put any-sized computer in exact position of rider preference.

For a hassle-free installation, click here or or below to order our BridgeTool.

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+ INSTALLATION: Due to FormMount’s direct stem integration, installation on some stems can present a challenge leveling the arms and benefit from using our BridgeTool. There is also an instructional video here.

+ MATERIALS: Specifically formulated carbon fiber composite provides stiffness, strength and light weight. Overmolded CNC stainless steel inserts provide a secure stem connection.

+ WHAT'S INCLUDED: Garmin and Wahoo inserts. 2 length sizes stainless steel M5 bolts and custom black anodized aluminum spacers. Titanium bolts available here.

+ COMPATIBILITY: Interface supports Garmin, Wahoo, Hammerhead Karoo and Sigma Sport. Other leading brands in development. Stem width bolt distance between centers as narrow as 16mm to as wide as 41mm. Stems must use M5 bolts and have a parallel bolt axis. It will not work on some stems without parallel bolt axis.

NOTE: We suggest you follow the recommendations in the Garmin EDGE instructions that recommend use of the provided tether.

+ WEIGHT: 24.89G



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This add on component allows you to integrate a light or camera directly into FormMount to keep the bars free of clutter and keep that streamlined look.

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Form follows function x2. This dual functioning brace is designed to aid installation by locking the arms in place while torquing the stem bolts. Ensuring perfectly level positioning every time. It can also be used to provide extra stability when running heavy combos of GPS and camera/lighting systems. Increasing peace of mind for any ride.

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+ 1. Positions

360 degree rotating arms offer 5 mounting positions.

+ 2. Fore/Aft

13 fore/aft settings puts any-sized computer in exact position of rider preference. Simply loosen the insert and cradle bolts to adjust to your desired position. Plus, it’s available in 2 arm lengths.

+ 3. Integration

Mounts directly into virtually any 4 bolt stem.

+ 4. Colors

Accenting colors available in orange, yellow, white, red, green blue and gray.

+ 5. Interface

Supports Garmin, Wahoo and Sigma Sport. Other leading brands in development.

+ 6. Camera/Light

Camera and light integration with add on component.



A remarkable fusing of form and function. Exhibited in 38 seconds.


FORM MOUNT is a neat solution keeping the front end of your bike free of clutter. It’s a cool bit of kit.



A designation reserved for those who put themselves on the rivet. Ride in and ride out. Hardcore is also about having the machine that gets you there dialed in to the nth degree, because the astute cyclist is as competitive about how his ride looks as it performs. So if you’re looking for an edge that will check both boxes, look no further than FormMount.

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