Happy Holidays from your friends at F3 Cycling.


The seed for F3 was planted when Tim, a lifer-cyclist, was determined to find a solution for a product that didn’t exist. Tim also happened to manage one of Chicagoland’s most accomplished cycling teams which led to meeting new teammate, Frank, a product development guru. This meeting of the minds made an immediate connection. More ideas began flowing and Tim realized it didn’t have to stop with this one product idea. Add Mike, a veteran of the team, and the advertising & marketing world. And now you have all the ingredients for a strong product launch team. This collaborative effort would result in FormMount. And the formation of F3 Cycling.


Happenstance. It’s had a hand in so many successful start-ups. With F3, it was a cycling team that brought together 3 perfectionists with different backgrounds and common mindset: an obsession for creative problem solving. The trio is driven to bring innovative product ideas to life. The kind that gets them excited to jump out of bed every morning. Whether it’s for a bike ride, or an idea to make a bike ride better.


F3 founder, Tim Boundy, with teammates Frank Pistorio and Mike Scalise. Avid cyclists each with a professional discipline making for a formidable team off the bike. They're insanely passionate. About cycling. And cycling product design.