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F3 cycling was formed from a single product idea. And it was a cycling team that brought together the F3 team. Avid cyclists each with a professional discipline making for a formidable team off the bike. 3 perfectionists with different backgrounds, but common mindset: an obsession for creative problem solving. The trio is driven to bring innovative product ideas to life. Ideas that inspire them to jump out of bed every morning, whether it’s for a bike ride, or a way to make a bike ride better.


We believe best in class products are made all over the world. We just didn’t want to make our products all over the world. Yes, for the pride of keeping it close to our hearts, but equally if not more importantly, close to our minds. We believe outsourced manufacturing hinders the creative process. And that thinking shouldn’t stop when production starts. We believe innovating is advanced by freedom. Freedom to adapt on the fly to scrutinize every nuance. Test. Then scrutinize every nuance again. Those nuances are what it takes to create a product we can truly believe in. #formedinamerica

- Frank, Tim & Mike 

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F3's Passion and dedication show in the quality of FormMount. I'm happy to be able to support innovators in our sport that are committed to developing and fabricating their products in the U.S.

-Brian Hancock Alma, Michigan

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