About us

how a bike mount broke the mold and made a company.

F3 Cycling was formed in 2017 from a single product idea. Momentum was also formed and we were off to the races becoming a global brand with sales in over 50 countries. An incredible amount of blood, sweat and engineering went into the little marvel, aptly named FormMount™. Praised by the press. Licensed by Leyzne. Rated 5 stars by customers. The patented design proved to be instant game changer. We have since expanded our line of bike mounts each receiving every bit the attention to innovative detail. Where does F3 go from here? To the most imaginative of places furthering our pursuit of visionary cycling products.

Future forward.

Leadership Team

tim boundy


Mike Scalise


David Schuda


Formed In America.

We believe best in class products are made all over the world. We just didn't want to make our products all over the world. Yes, for the pride of keeping it close our hearts, but equally if not more importantly, close to our minds. We believe outsourced manufacturing can hinder creative process, and that thinking shouldn't stop when production starts. We believe innovating is advanced by freedom. Freedom to adapt on the fly to scrutinize every nuance. Test. Then scrutinize every nuance again. Those nuances are what it takes to create a product we can truly believe in.

what if.

Asking it inspires us to make things better, and make things that are not yet things. If you have ideas for things, ask us what if

made in part, by you.

cycling makes life better.